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[Update: You can purchase the raw data behind this print here and here.]

The Evolution of Central Banking in England and America
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Most investors think; “as long as I’m doing great security analysis, great risk-adjusted returns will follow”. The reality of markets always catches up with them.


The problem is that they’re missing the other half of the story: the monetary environment. Money is on one side of each and every transaction in an economy. Monetary matters, then, affect everything. This print arms you with the deep knowledge of monetary history that separates investment masters from the herd.


This print delves into the evolution of the two most prominent reserve currencies of the past 350 years: The pound sterling and the dollar.


It features visualizations of a collection of extremely rare (if not entirely unique) data-sets: The Bank of England’s assets and liabilities since Robert Peel’s Bank Act of 1844 (monthly) and the Federal Reserve System’s assets and liabilities since shortly after its creation (weekly).


The yield, equity index and gold price section goes back as far as 1840.


Put this on your wall and you’ll have a complete picture of monetary history in England and America at your disposal.