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Contrary Curiosity LLP (“we”, “us”) is committed to dealing safely and fairly with the data of its users. This privacy policy statement explains how we deal with the information that we receive from our users.


A note about other websites: and other sites owned by Contrary Curiosity LLP may occasionally link to third-party websites that are not part of this policy. Please take care when visiting third-party sites and review their respective privacy policies.


Ways in which we may collect data about you:


We may collect personally identifiable information from you (“data”) through:


  • Registration forms.
  • Product and/or service purchase forms.
  • Ad hoc provision of data (online and offline).


How we use the data you provide us:


We collect the above mentioned data in order to:


  • Provide you with a product and/or service.
  • Personalize your experience on our website(s).
  • Conduct surveys that are intended to improve the experience you have on our website(s).
  • To give out deals, promotions and offers (these could be from Contrary Curiosity LLP or its select business partners).


Things we won’t do:


We won’t:


  • Sell your personally identifiable data to third-parties.
  • Give your personally identifiable data to third-parties in exchange for non-monetary benefits.
  • Reveal your personally identifiable data to any party that we believe could do harm (or irritate) you.


Your personal data when dealing with official authorities:


In the extremely unlikely circumstance that we’re required to disclose your information to a law enforcement authority, we will comply with the law and disclose your information as appropriate.


In-house analysis and audit involving your data:


Any in-house analysis and audits we do with your data will be conducted in an aggregated way with the intention of improving your experience with our company and its products and services (including this site).




We use cookies to better understand our users behaviour so that we can provide a better experience on our site. In particular, we collect data as non-personal information using Google Analytics and serve ads using Google Adsense. These are both standard and widely-used practices of the web. If, however, you do not wish to use cookies on our website(s) you can disable them by referring to your browser’s documentation.


Changes to this policy:


We may, from time to time, make changes to this privacy policy.