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In Marshall Mcluhan's interview at Playboy he mentioned that "Tokyo to Paris to Columbia, youth mindlessly acts out its identity quest in the theater of the streets, searching not for goals but for roles, striving for an identity that eludes them." If you look at the origins of the word "identity" it means "sameness" and "oneness". [Identity comes from the latin "Idem" which means "the same"] So perhaps the Family guy clip is a comment on our ever-changing environment. Perhaps it's funny because it expresses (and so provides relief against) an ever changing environment and the lack of identity (or consistency or sameness) that modern day-to-day life entails. In general Peter Griffin may be so likeable because of his complete oneness with his environment. And perhaps the tendency to view him as "simple-minded" is just our latent typographical bias rearing its linear head.

This connection was made by Aftab